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Club Rules

First and foremost, we want everyone to have fun, but it would be remiss not to have appropriate guidance and basic rules in place to safeguard the Club, its members, their guests and visiting players.

These rules are primarily there for your enjoyment of the game and for your safety. The Club’s Committee reserves the right to alter these rules as necessary.

The Committee, and those that assist in the running of the club, are unpaid volunteers who, whilst dedicated, also have busy lives. Should you feel that you could offer the Club your support and expertise, then the Committee is always open to new ideas and suggestions for improvement and is keen to attract new volunteers with additional skillsets. If of interest, please contact a member of the Committee.

Parents should ensure that their children are aware of the Club rules and that they adhere to these both on and off court.


Players play at their own risk. It is up to each player to first assess whether it is safe to go on court

 (e.g. wet, stormy, or icy conditions) and then take due care when playing. Court fencing can be unforgiving.

Players are expected to be courteous and well behaved at all times whether on court, in the clubhouse or elsewhere on club grounds.

Dress Code

Recognised tennis clothing and footwear should be worn on court. Tennis shoes should have adequate tread to avoid slipping but trainers and other sports footwear with heavily ridged soles should not be worn to avoid damage to the playing surfaces.

On Court

Players must abide by the LTA Code of Conduct.

Show courtesy to your partner and opponents and refrain from bad language and aggressive or intimidating behaviour.

Turn off mobile phones

Respect others playing on nearby courts

Make line calls clearly. The receiver makes the call as to whether a ball is IN or OUT. However, if there is doubt and both sides agree then a point can be replayed.

Keep track of your tennis balls and avoid loose balls lying dangerously on court.

When leaving court take all items with you i.e. balls & tubes; clothing & equipment, personal items and any rubbish. Do not walk behind or alongside another court when play is in progress. Wait until the point has been played.

Court bookings should be made online via the ClubSpark court booking system. Games should be finished  within the allotted time slots so that players who are booked to come on after you are not kept waiting.

If last off court slacken net, close the gate and scramble the security code and where appropriate switch off floodlights. Please note that local byelaws require lights to be off by no later than 10pm.

All accidents MUST be recorded in the Accident Book located in the clubhouse and reported to the Safeguarding Officer.

Fee Collection

Fees should ideally be paid online to the following bank account & should also quote a suitable explanatory ‘Reference’ e.g.  “Guest Fee; Match Fee; Floodlights” etc.

Account Name:  Wigginton Tennis Club

Sort Code:            20-98-98             

Account No:        03072487

Members playing with a guest will be responsible for collecting & paying in the guest fee.

Likewise, Team Captains will be responsible for collecting & depositing Match Fees for both home and away games.

Social tennis mix-ins should nominate an individual to collect and pay in the relevant subs.

The Clubhouse

Please leave the Clubhouse in the condition that you would expect to find it.

If you use tea or coffee, cans of drink, bottles of water or serve food please wash up afterwards and put away cups, cutlery and plates in the cupboards and place tins, plastic and waste paper in the appropriate recycling bins.

Junior and intermediate members are not allowed in the clubhouse unsupervised

No smoking or vaping in the clubhouse.

Used match balls should be stored in the clubhouse racks and are available for members to use. However old non-reusable tennis balls should be placed in the ball recycling bin.

If you are last to leave the clubhouse, please check that all floodlights are switched off and the court gates locked before turning off clubhouse lights and securing windows & doors.


The complainant should in the first instance raise the matter with the offender for an amicable resolution between the two parties.

Should the matter not be satisfactorily resolved then the specifics of the complaint, regarding a possible breach in the Club’s rules or etiquette, should be emailed to a member of the Committee.